Municipal Offices

The Lyndon Municipal Office Building is located at 119 Park Avenue in Lyndonville, diagonally across from Bandstand Park. The building houses the cashiers' office on the ground floor, LED and the Town and Village Clerk's office on the 2nd floor, and the top floor is currently available for rent. Office Hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. The following town officials have their offices at this location:

Town and Village Clerk and Treasurer

The Town and Village Clerk and Treasurer, Dawn R. Dwyer, can be reached by phone at 626-5785 or
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Municipal Administrator

The Municipal Administrator, Justin Smith, is a board-appointed manager who oversees the operating departments of The Town of Lyndon and The Village of Lyndonville with the exception of the Electric Department. He is the representative of the Select Board (Town) and Trustees (Village) when dealing with staff, State and Federal government and the public. Responsibilities include highways, water, sewer and police along with management of any capital projects undertaken. Any comments or concerns not handled by individual department heads should be referred to 626-5834 or
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Zoning Administrator

You can contact our Zoning Administrators office, concerning any structures you wish to build, including new construction, re-construction, or alteration to existing structures. To access the Zoning Bylaws, return to the Home page and click on the Planning & Zoning tab on the left hand side. The Zoning Administrator is also your contact for any change of use permits, new businesses, signage and sub-divisions. If you have questions concerning zoning, the Development Review Board, or the Planning Commission please contact Nicole Gratton at (802) 626-1269 or
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Health Officer & Deputy Health Officer

Deb Smith is the Health Officer for the Town of Lyndon. Deb can be reached by email at Patrick McLaughlin is the Deputy Health Officer for the Town of Lyndon. Patrick can be reached by email at To get a request for a Health Inspection click the link below to fill out the request form.
  • Health Officer Inspection Request Form
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    Town Listers

    The 3 elected listers are responsible for assessing property in the town and can be reached at 626-1270 or
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