Guiding our Future

Town Plans

Envision Lyndon Municipal Plan 2020

Adopted in October 2020, the Plan provides action items in the areas of land use, economic development, transportation, community services & facilities, energy, housing, health & recreation, historic resources, and flood resilience. 

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Hazard Mitigation Plan 2021

The Town will be readopting its Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP) this fall. Stay tuned!

Click here for the 2015 LHMP. 

Community Forest Strategic Action Plan

Lyndonville has a long-term vision of a Town-supported, diverse community forest, efficiently and effectively maintained for good quality and longevity and an increase in urban canopy cover. The Town of Lyndon’s future tree program will be supported through the creation of a Town Tree Committee and annual tree budget.

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Walk-Bike Safety Action Plan

Building off of a 2014-15 VTrans project, this plan’s goal is to identify short and long term options for road improvements that will increase
walking and biking in Lyndon, and to make the roads safer.

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Broadband Feasibility Report 2019

In 2018, Lyndon’s Economic Development Committee received a Rural Business Development Grant from USDA which funded a broadband feasibility study. Through a public RFP process, the Town of Lyndon & Economic Development Committee selected Vantage Point Solutions(VPS) to conduct the feasibility study.

Vantage Point Solutions (VPS) completed a Broadband Assessment and Feasibility Study in February 2019. The main purpose of this Study was to identify what the broadband problems and challenges are in Lyndon and surrounding communities of Burke, Kirby, Newark, Sheffield, Sutton, and Wheelock, and how they impact residents, businesses, local government, and others.


Planning Director

Contact the Town of Lyndon Planning Director at (802)626-1269 or send an email to if you have questions about any of the town plans