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Brandon Carpenter called the meeting to order at 6:03 p.m.

Brandon makes a change to the agenda to review the minutes from February 4, 2021; February 18, 2021; March 18, 2021, April 1, 2021; April 15, 2021; and June 3, 2021 after the hearing of the warned items and other business. Zoning Administrator adds the Matthers preliminary subdivision sketch review to Other Business.

Mr. Brandon Carpenter gave a brief explanation of the development review process and then swore in anyone wishing to provide testimony. Mr. Carpenter notified the applicants that there are only four board members present for this hearing, offering to the applicants the option to postpone their hearing if they wish to have more board members present and voting. Mr. Carpenter reminds applicants of the 45-day deliberative session period and the 30-day appeal period after the DRB decision is issued. Amy Rast was officially welcomed to the DRB Board while Zoning Administrator worked on the technology for file sharing.

Mr. Brandon Carpenter opened the public hearing on application 2021-045: Mike Young proposes a lot boundary adjustment of three lots into two lots at 954 Old Coach Road, The application requires minor subdivision final plan review under section 7.7 and site plan approval under section 9.1 of the Bylaws. Mr. Mike Young shared that he and Allen each own a parcel and one parcel together. The applicant is taking the three pieces of land to make two. Mike will have 31 acre and Allen will have 21 acres. Mr. Carpenter reminds the board that the preliminary sketch review for this site plan was viewed on April 1st, 2021. The right of way is met, and the site meets lot coverage, setbacks, and road frontage. Curtis Carpenter made a motion to close the public hearing on application 2021-045. Amy Rast seconded the motion. The Board voted 4-0.  

Mr. Brandon Carpenter opened the public hearing on application 2021-050: Megan Matthers proposes to use the building at 762 College Road as an herbal apothecary studio, education center, and clinical practice site. The application requires conditional use approval under section,, and/or The application also requires site plan approval under section 9.1. Ms. Matthers shares that she is looking to open an apothecary clinic and educational space. The building is currently owned by NVU and she is under Purchase and Sale agreement to buy the building. It has been vacant for over 10 years. Amy Rast asks to hear more about an herbal apothecary. Megan works with people in one-on-one consultations and then provides herbal medicines. This is not marijuana or CBD; it is herbal medicine from plants that Megan grows. She also teaches classes on herbal medicine. Most of the business will be Megan fulfilling extract and tea orders for other apothecaries. This will not be a retail store. Amy Rast asks about anticipated class sizes. Megan expects no more than 10 people per class. Craig Weston asks about hours of operation. Megan notes Monday – Thursday 10 -3pm, operating as a studio. People will be able to come and pick up orders. Classes will be in the evenings and weekends. Brandon Carpenter notes that this building is at the end of the NVU campus at the edge of the Rural Residential District. Brandon Carpenter asks about any exterior construction or lighting. Megan notes that the siding will need to be replaced soon. Brandon Carpenter asks about any signs. Megan plans to put a sign on the building for identification purposes. Mr. Carpenter notes the sign bylaws for Ms. Matthers reference. Craig Weston suggests expanded hours of operation to cover evening classes. Ms. Matthers would like to include hours of operation to extend up to 9pm. Mr. B. Carpenter asks if the business will be affiliated with NVU. NVU has requested to collaborate with Ms. Matthers business. Amy Rast notes that a conditional use for schools ( would also cover this application. Craig Weston made a motion to close the public hearing on application 2021-050. Amy Rast seconded the motion. The Board voted 4-0.  

Megan Matthers discusses the proposed sub-division for 762 College Road to create a 1.43-acre parcel. Craig Weston did the survey work for this sub-division. It is a small sub-division off the NVU parcel. Mr. Brandon Carpenter asks about the north setback. Craig Weston noted that the building has cement stairs leading to the basement and they are very close to the lot line. These stairs were put in place by the college many years ago. The building and concrete stairs are an existing structure and that is the boundary between the NVU parcel and the neighboring lot. Frontage and lot size meet the requirements. Ms. Matthers notes that the building is on town septic and has its own well. Brandon Carpenter calls for a closing of the subdivision preliminary review. Craig Weston makes a motion to close the discussion and Curtis Carpenter seconded the motion. The Board voted 4-0.

Mr. Brandon Carpenter asks “Michael’s iphone” to state the person’s name for the public record, but there was no response.

Mr. Brandon Carpenter notes that the minutes cannot be approved because there are not 4 members that we present at the meetings to approve. Mr. Carpenter recommends that the minutes be approved through email.

Craig Weston moves to close the meeting. Curtis Carpenter seconds. The meeting adjourned at 6:29 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by: NGratton