Planning & Zoning

Are you seeking a permit? Please click the Permit Application Form button to access a PDF form.

ALL land development, including but not limited to the constructuion, reconstruction, conversion, structural alteration, relocation, or enlargement of any structure, any excavation or filling for commercial use, or any change in the use of any structure or land REQUIRES a permit. Not sure if you need a permit? Contact the Zoning Administrator: (802)626-1269 or

Zoning Administrator

Office Hours

Monday – Friday 8am – 3pm

Best way to contact the ZA: Email!

To quickly and accurately serve you, please share (1) your name, (2) development location (lot number or street number) and (3) your proposed development idea or plan when you call, email, or visit the office.



Planning & Economic Development Director

Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8a-3pm

Tuesday & Thursday: By appointment

Best way to contact the Planning Director: Email!

Proposed Bylaw Revisions

The Planning Commission has put forth changes to the definitions, the zoning matrix, and zoning map. The purpose of the proposed changes is detailed in the hearing notice. A hearing on these changes will be held on December 8, 2021, 6pm. Please see the hearing notice for locations and Zoom information.

The redline shows the exact changes that are proposed to the Town Bylaws. The text in RED would be added and the text that has been struckthrough would be DELETED.

Small changes to the numeration of the document may occur to ensure order.

The existing Zoning Matrix can be found in the existing Bylaws. The proposed Matrix is above!

Planning Commission

 The Planning Commission is a volunteer, seven-member board that makes recommendations to the Town Selectboard about the direction of our collective Town future. 

Meetings: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month

Meet the Planning Commission

Ken Mason, Chair

Sean McFeely, Vice-Chair

Curtis Carpenter

Andrea Day

Tammy Martel

Nedah Warstler


The Planning Commission has an open seat! If you are interested in joining this dynamic group of future focused thinkers and doers, please send a letter of interest to Justin Smith, Town Manager at

The Commission welcomes applicants from all walks of life. Your life experience is valued and important in working together for Lyndon’s future.


Development Review Board

The Lyndon Development Review Board (DRB) is responsible for reviewing and reaching decisions on applications which require Conditional Use and Site Plan approval within the Town Zoning Regulations & Sub-Division Bylaws. The goal is to work with the Planning Commission to encourage development that protects the natural surroundings while maintaining potential for small-town development. The DRB is comprised of seven volunteers appointed by the Selectboard to 3-year terms.

Meetings: 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month

Meet the DRB

Jon Prue, Chair

Brandon Carpenter, Vice-Chair

Curtis Carpenter

Kevin Cole

Kevin McKeon

Amy Rast

Craig Weston

Alternates: Jeremiah Aiken, Dave Keenan, Eric Parris

Additional Resources for Building Upgrades, Adaptive Reuse, Redevelopment, and Historic Preservation

There are many resouces available to private entities and businesses that can help with improving the pysical structure or amenities within a building. Each resource has different requirements, so please reach out to each organization for full details.

Preservation Trust of Vermont

PTV has a 30 year history of distributing hundred of thousands of dollars of grant funding to worthy projects.

Grantmaking is a key strategy in our effort to support the historic preservation work being undertaken by local organizations and communities. Click here to visit PTV Grants page. 
Vermont Division of Historic Preservation Grants

Established in 1986, the State-funded Historic Preservation Grant Program helps municipalities and non-profit organizations rehabilitate the historic buildings that are a vital part of Vermont’s downtowns, villages, and rural communities, as well as its iconic landscape. 

Click here to visit the ACCD Historic Preservation Grant page.

Downtown & Village Center Tax Credits

State income tax credits are available to business and property owners with buildings constructed prior to 1983 and located within a State designated downtown or village center. Credits can help defray the cost of historic rehabilitation, façade and code improvements and technology upgrades. 

Efficiency Vermont Incentives

Costs to improve a building’s energy efficiency can be expensive. Efficiency Vermont aims to bring those costs down through incentive programs and rebates for energy efficiency improvements. 

Federal Rehabilitation Investment Tax Credits

Administered by the National Park Service, a 20% federal income tax credit is available for rehabilitation of income-producing historic buildings, including multi-family housing. Properties must be listed in the National Register of Historic Places and work must meet preservation standards.

Are you wishing to make a complaint regarding development in Lyndon? Please click here to go to the Complaint and Violations Form.

The Town now requires complaints and potential violations to be in writing. Please use the form and submit to or mail to the Town offices: Town of Lyndon, c/o Zoning Administrator,  PO Box 167, Lyndonville, VT 05851