On January 26, 2015 the Lyndon Select Board revised and adopted a new Solid Waste Management Ordinance to regulate the management of solid waste in the Town of Lyndon as well as meet the requirements set forth under Vermont's Universal Recycling Law (Act 148).

This is a summary of the Integrated Solid Waste Management Program which is designed to provide for the collection or self-hauling or ordinary household generated solid waste, including recyclables.


  2.      a. Pick-Up Arrangements
              i. The Selectboard is authorized to franchise one or more commercial waste collection firms to pick up household solid waste placed on the roadside of residents who so desire this service.

              ii. Frequency of pickup shall be the decision of the commercial hauler and or resident/property owner.

              iii. Rates for collection services and billing procedures shall be determined by the commercial hauler and shall conform to Unit Based Pricing principles accepted by the Department of Environmental Conservation.

              iv. Base Unit shall be 31 - 33 gallon volume.

         b. Self-Hauling Arrangements
              i. Residents may self-haul residential wastes to any solid waste consolidation point authorized by the Department of Environmental Conservation.

              ii. Rates for disposal shall be determined by the operator of the consolidation point and be based on principles of Unit Based Pricing as accepted by the Department of Environmental Conservation.


  4.      a. Self-Haul Recycles.
              i. Residents may self-haul recyclables to the Northeast Kingdom Waste Management District

              ii. Residents may place mandated recyclables at the roadside weekly. The Selectboard is authorized to contract with one or more commercial firms to pick up the mandated recyclables.

              iii. Residents may contract with independent haulers for regular pick up of unsorted recyclables. THIS DOES NOT EXEMPT RESIDENTS FROM LIABILITY FOR THE MUNICIPAL SANITATION FEE.

  5. FEES
  6.      a. Rates and charges for sanitation service fee which covers municipally provided residential recycling services as well as special waste collection events and general administrative costs shall be fixed by the Selectboard

         b. A single residential property owner may request a seasonal service rate equal to one-half the annual fee on the basis of seasonal occupancy. Such request must be in writing. The residence must be vacated for a period of not less than six (6) consecutive months to qualify for a seasonal rate.

         c. A multi-family or commercial business property owner may request in writing to be not included in the sanitation program on the basis of providing self-service, but such owner will be required to pay an annual administration fee of $10.00 per household or business unit.

Other Articles within this Ordinance cover the following topics:
     Illegal Disposal
     Open Fires and Incineration
     Integrated Solid Waste Management Program
     Accumulation of Discarded Household Waste
     Penalties and Civil Enforcement

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